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Quick Overview


Quick Overview

We are seeking your views on the Draft Lambeth Site Allocations Development Plan Document (SADPD).   Following on from the adoption of the Lambeth Local Plan in September 2021, the Draft SADPD includes proposed site-specific planning policies for fourteen sites in Lambeth, distributed across the borough. 

Please see Annex 1 of the Draft SADPD for an explanation of the relationship between existing adopted site allocations and the proposed new site allocations. There are no sites numbered 4-6 or 10-16 as part of this consultation.

Once adopted, the SADPD will become part of the statutory development plan for Lambeth. Alongside the Lambeth Local Plan 2021, the London Plan 2021 and the South Bank and Waterloo Neighbourhood Plan 2019 and associated planning guidance, the SADPD will help deliver new homes and workspaces, secure benefits for communities and improve the quality of places and the environment in Lambeth.  

The guiding approach in preparing the Draft SADPD has been ‘design-led optimisation of development capacity’, which is required by the Mayor’s London Plan. This means analysing the context for each site and the opportunities new development could bring, resulting in a draft vision and policy to ensure future development achieves the best outcome and benefits for local places and communities. We want to know whether you think we’ve got this right.

Each proposed draft site allocation has three parts:

  • Context: factual information about the site, its existing use and surroundings
  • Vision: a short summary of the opportunities and potential benefits arising from future development of the site
  • Policy: the proposed policy wording for the site, setting out the requirements and parameters for development

We would also like your comments on the evidence base that has informed our approach so far, including the draft Sustainability Appraisal.

The closing date for comments on the Draft SADPD is 22 February 2022. All comments received will be considered by the Council in preparing the next draft of the document.

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